Lightweight & Strong Handle heavier loads with a lighter weight ramp. Melcher ramps, constructed of reinforced composite, marine plywood, and aluminum, provide a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Extruded Aluminum Ends & Sidecurbs Heavy gauge extended aluminum ends and sidecurbs assure long life.

Rugged Construction There is a solid feeling underfoot with Melcher's reinforced composite construction. This construction allows a natural flexing so that the ramp always returns to its original shape.


Dual Ramp Joint
Hinge Joint hinge on Auto Loader and Dual Ramp slips in or out easily. Fastens halves together firmly and securely.

Secure Attachment
For complete safety and stability when using your Melcher Ramp, we have provided a locking pin to secure the ramp to the truck or trailer.

Super Traction
Supertraction surface makes for safer loading - wet or dry. After thousands of hours of use, if resurfacing is needed, kits are available from Melcher.